Top Session Drummer, 24hr delivery, Neve, API, Neumann for $75

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Jamie Parks

Top Session Drummer, 24hr delivery, Neve, API, Neumann for $75

$20 off to new clients!** I have worked with GRAMMY nominated producers and thousands of artists and producers from around the world. I have over 10 years experience as an Online Session Drummer.

I offer custom drum tracks as an online session drummer from my purpose-built home studio. If you are looking for real drums on your songs then look no further. It couldn’t be easier, send me your tracks, let me know your requirements and I will get the tracks recorded in just 24 hours*.

You will receive a stereo mix of the drums and also each individual microphone stem, recorded with pro microphones and pre amps. Rather than recording one take, I'm happy to make 5 recording revisions. You can list as many points for each revision so you are 100% happy with the drums I've provided, or your money back!

I have a variety of drums from Ludwig, Yamaha, Orange County, SJC and Pearl. This exact Ludwig kit was used on the 5th best selling UK album. A vast range of Zildjian cymbals from the A and K Custom range. Percussion from around the globe. World class microphones from Neumann, AEA, Shure, AKG to name a few and preamps from Neve and API.

As standard you will receive.
Kick -Shure Beta 91a
Snare top - SM57
Snare bottom - Shure SM57
Toms - Sennhieser E604 each
Hi Hat - Neumann KM184
Ride - Neumann KM184
Overheads - AEA R88 Stereo Ribbon Microphone
Room - Aston Origin

**NEW CLIENTS, please message me before booking for the $20 off so I can send a custom order!
**If you require the 24 hour turnaround, please message me first to double check**
**Projects longer than 5 minutes will have an additional charge**

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