Drum Programming for $90

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Andrei Gaidanov

Drum Programming for $90

I have been a drummer for 12 years, and due to lack of recording facilities, I have learned inside out programming drums. Moreover, as a drummer, I know every subtle detail and sound to give that "human" feel.

The main plugins I use is Toontrack's EZDrummer 2 and Superior Drummer, which have very high-quality samples, with a variety of controls. I am editing in Pro Tools, and am comfortable with all genres of music (Jazz, Blues, Rock, Metal). Whatever you'll send me, I will use the appropriate sets and styles of playing.

You will get an overall mixdown and individual tracks for full control for our mixing engineer.

For the practical purposes, I will send an mp3 and once it's confirmed as accepted will send over the original Stereo Mix + Individual Files.

Cover_Washing Machine Blues

This is a cover version of an RnB song, Sweetwater by Malia.
  • Cover_Washing Machine Blues

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