The ScTrap Kit for $60

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Larry Salzman

The ScTrap Kit for $60

Please contact me before placing an order. This is a very specialized service which is appropriate for certain types of music. Feel free to send me your song and I can discuss the appropriate set up for it.

If you do not have a piece of music needing drums, and you only want beats (drum beats) I do offer that service as well, please mention that when contacting me. Rates for beats only may differ from my posted public rate. I also offer what I call "Wildcard Services" That service is me playing nonstop at a desired BPM for several minutes, this is sometimes a good option for producers who want to lift out certain sections and loop them.

My ScTrap kit set ups are part trap, part contraption but with a scrappy edge. The best way to get an idea of the sounds is via the Dropbox link included below. The audio examples each have a photo above them which details the specific set up / kit. There are literally hundreds of possibilities for these sets. You can also hear the recordings under the audio tab, there are 15 total plus two musical examples. Want sounds that will set you apart ? This might be the option for you.

I use a variety of mic set ups and placements. In the audio examples you are hearing the raw recordings, there is no EQ and or compression, the examples are the kit, the mics, the mic pre's and ultimately into the convertor.

I do not offer (what most would refer to as) the standard drum set, meaning no toms, no double pedal etc. These are stripped down - minimal sets with very unique sounds (with what are sometimes referred to as ) topside effects.

The Dropbox link below contains all the beats there are currently in my audio section here on the profile, in addition to that there are also photos of the specific kits. Keep in mind the example below are completely raw, no EQ and no compression.

Kit Ex 1

  • Kit Ex 1
  • Kit Ex 2
  • Kit Ex 3
  • Kit Ex 4
  • Kit Ex 5
  • Kit Ex 6
  • Kit Ex 7
  • Kit Ex 8
  • Kit Ex 9
  • Kit Ex 10
  • Kit Ex 11
  • Kit Ex 12
  • Kit Ex 13
  • Kit Ex 14
  • Kit Ex 15
  • Musical Example
  • Short Musical Example
  • Dirty Groove Example

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