Professional drum tracks to perfectly suit your song for $100

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Professional drum tracks to perfectly suit your song for $100

I have 25 years of experience playing live and in the studio with a wide variety of artists. In the past year, I've recorded on folk, rock, pop, neo-soul, and Americana tracks/albums. My very favorite part of playing with others is finding the perfect part to fit their songs, and I'd love to do that for you!

I record in my personal studio with top-of-the-line drums and cymbals, mics, and recording equipment which I'll select from my collection based on what would fit your music. In that collection are a Sugar Percussion solid mahogany kit, a vintage Premier birch-mahogany-birch kit, and a maple PDP kit, a wide array of Zildjian and Legado cymbals from dark and washy to bright and cutting, as well as an embarrassing variety of snares. My mics range from industry standard to custom-built, and I'll again choose them based on your style.

I'll provide you with three takes to choose from and you can ask for revisions up to two times and I can either provide you with unedited, individual stems or a stereo mix. I'm looking forward to working with you!

Amulet by Lizabeth Yandel

  • Amulet by Lizabeth Yandel
  • Quiet by Golden Howl

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