Power toms, Concert toms, Octobans or Rototoms for $50

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Larry Salzman

Power toms, Concert toms, Octobans or Rototoms for $50

Need super unique and great sounding tom overdubs / fills added to your song?
(please note , I do not offer drum set services)
My recording fee applies to any one (choose one) of the drum choices below.
Vintage (1987) Yamaha Recording Custom Power Toms. Dims = 8", 10" 12" and 14"
Custom built concert toms. Dims = 8", 10", 12" and 14"
Vintage Remo Rototoms (the originals) Dims = 6", 8", 10" and 12"
Tama Octobans (the originals) Dims = 6" x 14, 6" x 16, 6" x 18 and 6" x 20"

Styles. I can cover literally any style of playing
Custom orders are available. Examples include choosing multiple combinations of drums. Or if you need a minimal amount work done and or you have a very short piece of music.

Listen to my recording examples for audio references of the above instruments.
Want to see footage of me recording some of the drums listed above? Contact me and I will provide you with some links.

More about me? In short I specialize in online-based recording sessions, To date Ive played on over 850 sessions though various platforms. Please view my main profile link for current and up to date reviews.

  • Classical
  • House
  • World
  • Electronic
  • Rock
  • Prog rock

Yamaha Recording Custom Power Toms

  • Yamaha Recording Custom Power Toms
  • Vintage Octobans
  • Concert Toms
  • Rototoms
  • All toms montage
  • Various Toms, Roto, Octo and Power

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