Live Multitrack Drums for $75

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Live Multitrack Drums for $75

Hi my name is Ethan and my goal is to give you the drum track of your dreams. I have practiced for thousands of hours along with studied with many great teachers. Such as Mike Heller, Jim Stinnett, Dave DiCenso, Jackie Santos. Bob Gullotti, Neal Smith, Skip Hadden and, many others. I have also attended the Collective School of music and I recently Graduated from Berklee College of music with a degree in Performance. I curently play around Boston with artists such as the Houston Bernard band among others. I have attached recording made in my studio below please note they are not mixed. in addition the number of tracks, drums/cymbals and, Microphones used will vary based on the project.
My Gear includes a Gretsch Broadkaster in sizes 16x20, 14x18, 14x16, 14x14, 8x12, 7x10
I have many snares such as
Gretsch Chrome over brass 5x14
Gretsch USA Custom Maple and Gum 5x14
Peace Hammered Bronze 5.5x14
Gretsch Chrome over Brass 6.5x14
(way to many to list all)
Avedis 22 Ride
Kerope 19 Crash
Avedis 14 Hihats
Kerope 15 Hihats
Zildjian Constantinople Medium thin high 22 ride
Vanguard 20 Crash
I record using
Apollo 8p
Audient ASP 880
Shure Sm57(x7), Shure Beta 52, Audix D6, Audix I5(x2), Senheiser E902, Avantone CK-1(x2), Electro Voice re20, Custom Sub Kick
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