Award Winning Drummer - SAVE $50 PER SONG JULY-SEP for $109

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Brandon Davis

Award Winning Drummer - SAVE $50 PER SONG JULY-SEP for $109


Are you a singer-songwriter, band or producer looking for professional sounding drum tracks? Look no further! I have played drums on over 90+ albums in my career. Some of those include Enrique Iglesias, Smash Mouth, and many other major signed artists. I also won the award for "Most Outstanding Drummer" at Musicians Institute in 2010 where I studied. Anything you throw at me, I promise I will live up to your hopes!

My recording studio consists of an Apogee Symphony I/O as my front end (one of the best converters on the market!) and Focal Twin B6 monitors for listening. For preamps I have a Seventh Circle Audio unit with 2 Neve 1272's, 2 API 512's, 2 Jon Hardy J99's with the upgraded Opamp (Sound Incredible!). I also have a 4 channel Universal Audio 710-d and one extra API 512c in my API Lunchbox. Look below for an updated gear list!


DW Birds Eye Maple Kit (custom workshop vintage) 10, 12, 14, 22 inch
Ludwig Black Beauty Snare Drum
DW Birds Eye Maple Vintage Snare Drum (from the 90's)
3 x Sets of Meinl Cymbals (All of the Byzance, Dark and Fusion cymbals. about 18 all together)
Set of K Custom Hi Hats


Stereo pair of AKG 414 BULS's (Toms)
Stereo pair of Neumann km184's ( Overheads )
Manley Reference Cardioid microphone (Room Mic Center)
Rode NT 1000 (Under Snare)
Rode K2 (Room on Figure 8 for M/S with Manley)
RE20 (Kick option)
AKG D12 Reissue (Kick Main)
2 x Shure SM57's (Snare Main)
Telefunken M90 (Snare option)
3 x Cad M179's ( 1 used for outside kick)


2 x Neve 1272's
4 x API 512's
2 x John Hardy M1's
4 x Universal Audio 710 Twin Finity


Apogee Symphony I/O Converter Unit

I can accept full Logic sessions. Or, you can bounce a stereo mix, send it my way, then ill send you the raw drum tracks ready for import into your DAW. My turnaround time is VERY quick! Within 4 days of me receiving your track, you will have the tracks digitally sent to you through my Google Drive account.

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