Live Drum Tracks With Top Session Drummer for $110

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Live Drum Tracks With Top Session Drummer for $110

Watch the 'What I do' Video I have attached to this profile!

Played drums on Sheryl Crow's 'Soak Up the Sun' & on over 100 other records

Have spent over 20 years touring and recording with artists ranging from singer-songwriter, folk, rock, bluegrass, country, jazz, Americana, pop, and salsa bands. I've recorded on Grammy nominated records with Sheryl Crow, I'm a feature drummer on Sonoma Wire Works Drumcore, and my drumming has been heard in every corner of the world.

Convertors -->LYNX Aurora 16

Preamps-->, BAE NEVE 1073 Pre/EQ, BAE NEVE DMP, (2) API 512's, (2) DAKING PRE/EQ, (2)CAPI VP26's (2) CAPI VP 28's UnderTone Audio MPDI-4, Chandler Limited TG2,

Mic's --> AEA R88 Ribbon, Beyerdynamic M160 , Electro-Voice RE20, Mojave Audio 301 FET, 201 FET (2), Shure SM7B, 57, Senheisher 421 (3), Telefunken M80, AKG D12V, 451 B (2) (stereo matched), RE-20, Placid Audio Resonator B, Audix D6,

Distressor EL8-X, API 560B

I have multiple drum sets, dozen of mics, multiple rooms, all set up unique for each song.

1963 Ludwig Club Date Kit -> 20 inch kick, 12 & 14 toms with a 6-lug snare (sounds beautiful)

1970’s Slingerland Concert Tom kit
26 inch kick (massive sound) 10,12,13,14,15,16 inch toms (never too many toms!)

2018 Yamaha Tour Custom 20, 10, 12, 14

2018 Sonar Martini Kit (bop kit) -> 14 inch kick (yes and it is amazing)
8, 13 toms & a 12X5 snare (This snare has a real snap to it!)

Mid 2000’s modern Pearl Master Sessions kit 22 inch kick 13 & 16 inch toms

2002 13X7 custom built Allegra snare all wood hoops

2018 14 X 6.5 8-lug Raw Steel custom built snare by A&F Drums

1990's 13 X 3 Ludwig piccolo snare

1919 12 X 3 vintage Ludwig snare

1940’ 28-inch Ludwig concert bass drum that has a beautiful sonic character (think of the 1st track on that John Hammond record Wicked Grin 2:19 and that should give you an idea of that kick drum sound)

I have boat loads of cymbals.

I do not leave one drumset setup with the same mics for every song. Each song is unique and each song requires a unique approach in both feel and tonal vibe. I work hard and diligently to deliver the right sound and feel for every song.

I will add percussion to your song as well such as tambourine, shaker, some other odd sounds if needed!

You Draw Me In

I amthe Producer, Composer, Drummer, Pianist, Mixer
  • You Draw Me In
  • Hold Your Head Up High

25 Reviews

  1. Review By: ArthurBod Jul 22, 2019

    OK, I'm turning into a Jeffrey Anthony groupie! Perfect everything!!!

  2. Review By: ArthurBod Jul 11, 2019

    I'm adding a special category for Jeffrey, 10 stars!!

  3. Review By: ArthurBod Jul 10, 2019

    Always five stars! Jeffrey goes out of his way to make your music shine. A REAL PRO, and my NUMERO UNO for drum tracks!

  4. Review By: bjricher Jul 9, 2019

    Wow just amazing. We asked for some insight and direction on what style Jeffrey thinks would work best, and we really appreciate the communication, oh ya and the way the drums are recorded they just drop in place and a little mixing and effects and they just pop.


  5. Review By: bjricher Jul 8, 2019

    Thanks to Jeffrey for helping bring "The Thing About You" to life, what a difference a professional drummer makes!

  6. Review By: bjricher Jul 8, 2019

    Thanks Jeffrey you are costing us a lot of time lol, as after we get your tracks we all want to redo ours to match your quality and professional performances!

  7. Review By: bjricher Jul 5, 2019

    For our latest song we had almost no idea what we we were looking for and Jeffrey blew us away with the drum parts and direction the song took. Also again the communication, detailed mixing info is truly professional.

    Jim K
    Imagination FX

  8. Review By: bjricher Jul 3, 2019

    Jeffrey is not only an amazing talented drummer, he is also a very good communicator. I had quite high expectations and he has surpassed them; not only in the quality of the playing and recording but also the quick efficient service. We have already hired him for 2 more songs!
    Jim K
    Imagination FX

  9. Review By: ArthurBod Jul 3, 2019

    What can I say. I am a HUGE FAN. EVERYTHING I send to Jeffrey comes back perfect!!

  10. Review By: ArthurBod Jul 2, 2019

    What can I say, I'm the self appointed CEO of the Jeffrey Anthony fan club! ALWAYS a fantastic experience, not to mention great parts and great sounds.

  11. Review By: ArthurBod Jul 1, 2019

    If there is a perfect drummer, it's Jeffrey! His drum's sound awesome and his playing is awesome. He never leaves you hanging ; always communicates quickly, and TAKES CARE OF BUSINESS!!

  12. Review By: pickndawg Jun 22, 2019

    Great job - Jeffrey got the right feel and delivered results like you would expect from a pro

  13. Review By: ArthurBod Jun 20, 2019

    Perfect, perfect. perfect! Jeffrey is a great drummer. Excellent communication! Fast turn time! Spot on work! Great sound! Exactly what I was looking for, and for sure will not be my last session him. A great experience!

  14. Review By: badhombre Jun 14, 2019

    Never disappoints. Consistently helping me with great drum tracks. Great playing, and great quality, well recorded tracks. Elevates your songs!

  15. Review By: badhombre Jun 5, 2019

    Absolutely fantastic job! Nailed the performance and brought my track to life. The man is a professional, both on the drum kit and in communication and approach. It's easy to see he really cares about what he does. He'll take your song to that pro level. Most definitely recommend. I found my guy for all my future projects. You won't be disappointed if you did the same.

  16. Review By: DarrenCrowe14 Feb 7, 2019

    Jeffrey was fantastic to deal with.
    He brought my song to life with his understanding of what the song needed drum wise.
    He was very passionate about playing drums on my song from the get go.
    Most of all his communication back and fourth with me was the best you could ask for.
    I am extremely with what I have got from the experience of working with Jeffery.

  17. Review By: gabeltron Feb 4, 2019

    Great stuff! Very easy to work with and versatile drum sounds.

  18. Review By: gabeltron Feb 4, 2019

    Great stuff! Very easy to work with and versatile drum sounds.

  19. Review By: Sher1963 Jan 29, 2019

    It is so easy to write this review. Jeffrey was my choice after searching through so many choices. He provided an amazing drum track for my song. He was ready to make any changes necessary although that was not required. He was SPOT ON and I was so impressed with the track. Search no more!!! This is your GUY!...
    Thanks Jeffrey.. Looking forward to our next project!
    Sherry Hensley

  20. Review By: meyo Dec 28, 2018

    Quick turnaround and nailed on the first try. Thanks!

  21. Review By: ChameleonHeadhunter Dec 21, 2018

    Jeffrey did another awesome job on drum tracks for me. Highly recommended. Tired of your crappy programmed drums? Contact Jeffrey!

  22. Review By: ChameleonHeadhunter Dec 20, 2018

    Another great job by Jeffrey! Super happy with performance and drum sounds.

  23. Review By: ChameleonHeadhunter Dec 14, 2018

    Another great experience with Jeffrey. He takes his time, and at no point during the three songs we did, did I feel rushed or that he was just trying to bang the job out. He has multiple drum kits and changed out drums for different songs. He’s awesome! Check him out!

  24. Review By: ChameleonHeadhunter Dec 13, 2018

    Jeffrey is very easy to work with and patient. I recommend his service to anyone wanting live drums!

  25. Review By: ChameleonHeadhunter Dec 12, 2018

    Great Communication and great drum performance! Using him again now!