Get that feel and drum tones for your song. Jeffrey Anthony can be heard on over 100 records. for $125

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Get that feel and drum tones for your song. Jeffrey Anthony can be heard on over 100 records. for $125

***I have multiple drum sets, dozen of mics, multiple rooms, all set up unique for each song. ***

I currently live in Tucson, AZ and I have built my professional remote drum recording facility over the last 7 months. I opened the doors on August 15th 2018 since that time I have recorded drums for clients on 4 continents for almost every genre imaginable.

I do not leave one drumset setup with the same mics for every song. Each song is unique and each song requires a unique approach in both feel and tonal vibe. I work hard and diligently to deliver the right sound and feel for every song.

I have dozen's of industry standard mic's, and a huge pallet of preamps to acquire the right sound for every song.

I've spent over 22 years touring and recording with artists ranging from singer-songwriter, folk, rock, bluegrass, country, jazz, Americana, pop, and salsa bands. I've recorded on Grammy nominated records with Sheryl Crow, I'm a feature drummer on Sonoma Wire Works Drumcore, and my drumming has been heard in every corner of the world.

I have drum sets ranging from modern, to vintage, to big 70's concert tom's, to intimate early 60 Ludwig's. I have a huge selection of cymbals, and percussion toys, including custom made one of a kind items from Morfbeats

I have 2 main rooms to record the drums. I have one that is 'tuned' to provide a focused drum sound that minimizes phasing and comb filtering. I have a HUGE room, that can deliver a massive drum sound. I have used both rooms for one song before, and can do that on our song if appropriate. I want to capture the best sounds and performance possible!

I will add percussion to your song as well such as tambourine, shaker, some other odd sounds if needed!

I just completed a project for a client that had 3 unique drumsets playing all at once to create this amazing percussion part. I also have a beautiful stereo ribbon mic and can just set that up and play some brushes. Whatever you need I can make it happen, reach out and let's make some music together!


I am composer, string arranger, piano, producer and drummer
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