Record live drums for one song with 3 revisions! for $75

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Daniel Medley

Record live drums for one song with 3 revisions! for $75

17 years drumming! I will write drums for your track and record them in my own studio. I'll supply you with the raw recording stem, or I can mix them to my taste and send them over. I'm open to a few back and forths to get you what you need and deserve for your song!!!

My recording studio consists of Universal Audio: Apollo 8 I/O as my front end (one of the best converters on the market!) and Focal Shape Twin monitors for listening. For preamps I have a Neve 1073, Hairball Audio LOLA, DBX 580's, Art TPS II, and UAD Unison Plugins. My compressors are the Sound Skulptor LA502 and a pair of DBX 560A's.

1970's Ludwigs - 12, 16, 22 inch (They can sound tight or massive!)
Ludwig snares from 1940, 1960's, and 1970's.
Leedy snare from 1950.
Zildjian 20" ride from the 50's
Zildjian 22" ride from the 80's
Paiste Crash Cymbals
Set of K Custom Hybrid 13.5" Hi Hats

Sennheiser E602 (Kick)
SM57 (Snare Top)
UL UltraVoice (Snare Bottom)
ElectroVoice Ravens (Toms)
Aston Origin (Room Mic)
Stereo pair of Avantone BV-12's (Overheads)

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