Professional 14 tracks drum recordings for $100

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Professional 14 tracks drum recordings for $100

My name is Aviram Zeevy and I'm a professional drummer and sound engineer. I have been drumming for over 25 years and have been a studio engineer for more then 20 years. I played drums for many studio albums working with some of the big names in the Israeli music industry and performed with many artist in live tours all around the globe. I am also a proud local endorser for TAMA drums and ZILDJIAN cymbals.

My studio was founded in 2010, and since then I recorded hundreds of online drum sessions for dozens of albums, cooperating with many musicians all across the world.

My studio is equipped with professional drums set, large variety of snare drums and cymbals, in order to get the right sound for every recording. My large collection of microphones and audio equipment, helps ensure that the drums set will be captured perfectly.

All you need to do is send me your song and I will work my magic! :)

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