DRUM tracking for $50

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Jeremy Warren

DRUM tracking for $50

I can track drums for your project. I track everything MIDI into Logic Pro. I use a top of the line electronic kit for triggering but I use only professional samples. I will send you either individual MIDI or wav files for each track. Example Snare will be one track, kick drum on track. Or I can send you whatever you want. I have lots of actual vintage drums & cymbals. But I have found I get way better sounds tracking midi and using samples. If you want to do more than 3 songs let me know and we can make a custom project and I can save you money the more songs you want.

I can email you way better reference tracks. Some stuff I don't want to post on here because I don't own it or it isn't released yet.

Using This gear for MIDI track:
MacBook Pro
Logic Pro
Alesis drums for triggering
Toontracks drum packs
Logic drum pack
If you want something small acoustic drums such as brushes or real cymbal swells I will also do that too with live drums.

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Drum sample

Just messing around to showcase drum sounds for tracking
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