Internet Rap - Emo Rap - Trap Metal - Modern R&B - Full Custom - Produced Beats (Hook Singing Included) for $150

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Internet Rap - Emo Rap - Trap Metal - Modern R&B - Full Custom - Produced Beats (Hook Singing Included) for $150

SPECIAL OFFER TIL OCTOBER 1ST, 2020: Free custom 1-Minute preview instrumental/beat for artists interested in a 4+ track EP.

Hey there, I'm Josh. I specialize in taking an artist you like and helping you sound like them, or helping you take aspects of their music to improve your own developing style. I listen to a lot of newer hip-hop, internet rap, hyper-aggressive screamo rap, trap metal, comedy rap, emo rap, newer R&B, etc, so whatever cool new sound you’re going for, is what I’m here for.

The hip hop/internet rap/R&B/emo rap scene is absolutely saturated, so it’s extremely important that you have the kind of sound that curators, playlist-creators, and influencers will love. Part of that sound is your voice. Even if you don’t have the most distinctive voice (my own voice isn’t anything special), we can use effects, songwriting techniques, and recording tricks to give your voice that edge.

The other part of your sound is your instrumental. If you have a song written, I’ll build the instrumental according to your instructions. If you just have lyrics and some ideas, I’ll soak up all the information you can give me and make something entirely from scratch. I’ll sing on the track if you need backup vocals, or I'll do the hook if you'd like. Even if you’re just a person with awesome personal branding and have no idea how to make a song, I’m that dude who can help you try out a music career.

There’s also no shame in essentially copying a track. If you have a song by an artist you love and you want to make one exactly like it, I have a bunch of techniques to get our song as close as possible without being cheap and/or dishonest. Major recording artists do it all the time, and there’s no reason not to do it while you’re a new artist trying to find your sound.

I honor my money-back guarantee under all circumstances, no questions asked. Message me with some ideas, artists you like, or any questions you might have. Later!

(Equipment: Onyx Producer 2.2 interface, a Subpac (2019 model), Yamaha HS8s, Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO headphones, and a Blue Bluebird SL Condenser Mic. All cables are Mogami Gold.)

Moody Internet Rap Beat

Denzel is that you?
  • Moody Internet Rap Beat
  • 80s Aesthetic Alternative Hip Hop Beat
  • Futuristic Weird Chill Hip Hop
  • Dreamy Hypnogogic R&B
  • Certified Pop Banger

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