Custom beat making + exclusive rights for $200

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Custom beat making + exclusive rights for $200

I'll produce a beat following your indications and ideas, or a reference instrumental you particularly like.
The price includes exclusive rights, means that you'll own the beat 100%.

I won't start working before you book the gig: money back is guaranteed in case you won't like the final product.

Since it's a creative commission and not an artistic collaboration, I might ask not to include my name in the final song.

I'm the most familiar with hip-hop, trap and R&B production, but I'm open to work with everyone!

My home setup: Gibson GSLP 6" monitors, Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro headphones, Focusrite 4i4 audio device.
My studio setup: Yamaha HS8, Universal Audio Apollo Twin, AudioTechnica headphones. I use a wide range of VST's, mainly by Plugin Alliance, FabFilter and Waves, and own a Deepmind 6 synth and 4 Roland samplers.

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