Custom Beats For Singers/Rappers for $600

In Beat Makers 100% Guarantee By Kyle Devine

Custom Beats For Singers/Rappers for $600

I will make you a custom beat that either mimics a reference track or experiment with you to find a unique sound customized to you. I have worked on over 100 albums and have written music for Universal Records and dozens of companies for commercials. I have over 16 years experience as a studio engineer and vocal producer in hip hop and pop.

The beat will be between 2-4 minutes long and will contain around 10-30 individual tracks.

  • Hip Hop
  • Pop
  • R&B
  • Ambient
  • Electronic
  • Rap

Sorrows (Hip Hop)

  • Sorrows (Hip Hop)
  • Far Too Much (R&B)
  • Treasure (Hip Hop)
  • Astra (Hip Hop)
  • The Energy (Pop)
  • Blue Orbs (Pop)
  • Going Good

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