Electric Bass Tracks by a Studio Veteran (Rock, Indie, Pop, Jazz, Reggae, Latin) for $200

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Electric Bass Tracks by a Studio Veteran (Rock, Indie, Pop, Jazz, Reggae, Latin) for $200

Welcome to my new profile on Airgigs! For a limited time my rate is $200 for electric bass guitar tracking (but contact me for less expensive pricing if you have a simple or repetitive needed bass-line). I have been a professional session and touring musician for over 17 years and a certified Suzuki Method music teacher for over 20 years. If you are not 100% satisfied with my playing, a full refund will be made. I am NOT stingy with my work; I will send you my alternate takes for free if you like. I will also send you several tone options early on if that is helpful for mixing.

In addition, I will be happy to share your released track including my bass work on my band's Facebook page which has over 274,000 real followers (https://www.facebook.com/thekarmanauts/).

I take great pride in my work and have recorded and performed professionally with hundreds of artists and bands. I have a music theory degree (completed 2004, Brown University, Rhode Island) and have been working professionally as a studio musician since 2000; I have consistently received stellar reviews from the producers, engineers, and artists with whom I have worked.

My professional engagements include artists from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Nashville, and New York and I have recorded, toured, and/or performed professionally with rock, pop, reggae, and afro-pop groups, a Tom Petty cover band, a Beatles tribute band, and many, many more. My process is simple; if you know exactly what you want I can easily achieve it. If you're unsure about what you want then I will gladly weigh in with my years of experience to help develop the absolute best guitar track for your project. My influences include U2, Eric Clapton, Radiohead, Pat Metheny, Tom Petty, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Snarky Puppy, Jacob Collier, the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones. But I am definitely leaving a lot out of that list!

Michael Stephenson on Bass

Indie Rock
  • Michael Stephenson on Bass

4 Reviews

  1. Review By: Barryfindlater May 18, 2018

    Thanks for the quick reply on this Michael!
    As usual.....I appreciate the insights and encouragement.

  2. Review By: Feihei May 9, 2018

    I can only recommend Mostephe ! Very professionell musician.He was so great to work with, gave me more than he should deliver.I ll will work with him soon again !

  3. Review By: Barryfindlater May 7, 2018

    Michael..thanks for the insights.
    Working towards a more contemporary arrangement is a good idea.
    It will be interesting trying to add some ‘visuals’ to the chorus.

  4. Review By: Barryfindlater May 7, 2018

    Definitely will look at rearranging the sections Michael.
    Thanks for the suggestions!

  5. Review By: Barryfindlater May 7, 2018

    Spot on Michael!
    I agree with both the hookand a bridge that actually does that!

  6. Review By: patrickmartin May 6, 2018

    Michael is a knowledgeable and skilled player, totally committed to client satisfaction, and in general a pleasure to work with. I look forward to working with him on future projects.

  7. Review By: BBstudio Apr 28, 2018

    Thanks again to Michael for the great experience. Super fun to work with and easy to communicate my ideas to. Love to work with you and great fun to hear about your stellar band The Karmanauts.

  8. Review By: BBstudio Apr 28, 2018

    Michael's a true studio cat on the bass. He has as close to perfect natural timing as I've seen in my career, and a solid base of theory, stylistic influences, and songwriter's intuition to help him create the best bass track for your song.
    And if you want something in particular, mock it up in MIDI and send it to him, or even just describe it to him and he will be able to play it.
    Looking forward to next time

  9. Review By: BBstudio Apr 28, 2018

    As always, Michael promptly delivered a truly professional studio musician experience. His solo's are on point with the feeling of the song, he really heard and responded to both me (the producer) and the artist's requests for stylistic influences, and did it all with the quintessential Michael wit and charm.
    Pleasure to work with

  10. Review By: BBstudio Apr 28, 2018

    I've had the pleasure of working with Michael for quite a long time. He's easy to work with, efficient, and above all else his guitar work is flawless. Importantly, he takes and applies direction exceedingly well and takes great pride in his work. He'll never send you anything that he doesn't believe is the best he can do for the song.
    Thanks again Michael!

  11. Review By: Barryfindlater Apr 21, 2018

    As usual, great advice ..with solid reasoning attached to every suggestion.
    Thanks for the insights Michael.

  12. Review By: Barryfindlater Apr 20, 2018

    It is clear that Michael has good instincts for song composition arrangement.
    He is proving to be a great asset in our musical endeavors!

  13. Review By: Barryfindlater Apr 15, 2018

    Michael presented and applied some excellent ideas and provided us with a great sound.
    We will definitely be working with him again soon.

  14. Review By: Barryfindlater Apr 12, 2018

    Very nice Michael!
    Thanks for the quick response and outstanding guitar work on that hook!

  15. Review By: Barryfindlater Apr 10, 2018

    Excellent communication...great production idea.
    Very impressive insights!

  16. Review By: Reloaded Apr 7, 2018

    Piano track was spot on and professional Michael understood what I wanted perfectly. There so much value in this gig that I'll be back for more. This is your go to piano player right here!

  17. Review By: Megadave Apr 2, 2018

    Michael is a professional musician, he realized the work I commissioned him quickly and accurately.

  18. Review By: Tomnewman85 Apr 1, 2018

    Twice worked with Michael. Top rate collaborator a really great product at the end. Talented guy. Would recommend him to anyone.

  19. Review By: vikings22 Mar 24, 2018

    Totally the best,Michael is super talented musician and a nicer person you'll never fine.Thanks again

  20. Review By: vikings22 Mar 23, 2018

    Michael did a perfect job..totally professional..very talented and you could not ask for more..Thanks again!

  21. Review By: Tomnewman85 Mar 20, 2018

    Michael is excellent to work with. I came in with an indie pop song for some lead guitar throughout. As a non-musician myself I appreciated his patience and dedication to getting exactly what I wanted, can't fault it. Cheers Michael

  22. Review By: sonny Mar 20, 2018

    Michael provided a great service, easy to communicate with, and made a couple of adjusts when I required them - recommended.

  23. Review By: JoeBlaise Mar 20, 2018

    Was a pleasure ...Michael will go above and beyond ...thanks for everything

  24. Review By: dreikelvin Mar 9, 2018

    Top performance! Michael could even play me the parts by ear without having to provide the score. Love the noble Ibanez sound. Will keep him in mind for more stuff!

  25. Review By: lordbolt Mar 7, 2018

    Great stuff and fast delivered.
    5 Stars without any doubts...