Bass Fretted, Fretless or Upright/Upright Electric for $60

In Bass 100% Guarantee By Maria Grigoryeva

Bass Fretted, Fretless or Upright/Upright Electric for $60

Bass recordings from Indonesian top bass player Zoltan Renaldi for any music style. The standard rate of 60$ is applied to 3-4 minutes length. Longer duration is a subject to custom offer. Rare & exclusive basses work well for both grooves and melodic solos. Each one of them has its unique tone. Please listen to the previews!
Gear highlights:
Electric basses including MTD 635, Ken Smith, Fender jazz and precision, Yamaha acoustic/electric BEX4. Upright basses such as Acoustic czech upright and NS electric upright.
Top gear such as Neve Portico, REDD47, UAD Solo preamp, RME UFX. Good selection of amps such as Aguilar DB751 with two DB112 cab and mics such as AT4081, AKG 414, Neumann TLM103, Heil PR40, SM57.
Zoltan Renaldi participated in Umbria Jazz Festival, Vienna Jazz Festival, Java Jazz Festival and many others around the globe. Performed with famous Asian pop singers including the opening act for Jamiroquai.
Worked on numerous albums recording as a session bass player. Also published his first solo bass album in 2017.

  • Jazz
  • Pop


Rare MTD bloodwood electric bass
  • Groove
  • Upright groove
  • Solo
  • Slap High Ground
  • Fretless Solo

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