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The (Categories) box here on Airgigs' doesn't seem to let me add another instrument. Fine... I play bass guitar then, but I play and record every musical instrument into all forms of media. Bass guitar and keyboards are my main tools, but I use all instruments. From Celtic harps to Bluegrass fiddles, traditional acoustic pianos to hybrid digital pianos, from clean Fender Telecasters to Schecter Hellraiser guitars, from conventional 4-string basses to 12-string unison bass guitars, from children's choirs to tape-driven mechanical choirs, etcetera. I use hardware, software, modeled instruments, sampled instruments, recreated vintage gear, modern software mastering tools, and sound effects of all types. My library is upwards of 7 terabytes in size as of Dec 31, 2022. I've worked freelance on original music for other songwriters since the 1990's. The musical instrument library I've assembled over the past 20 years, is the same one I use in your projects. Whatever sound or instrument you want, I have it and can record it into your song at its highest quality resolution. My mixes are clear and elaborately crafted and will be delivered with an option for two revisions, following your notes.

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MO Funk

An original song I composed using instrumentation commonly used in Funk music.
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  • MO Latin
  • MO Country
  • MO Sound Design
  • MO New Age
  • MO Jazz
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