Stream-Ready Bass Tracks To Elevate Your Music for $35

In Bass 100% Guarantee By Travis Udall

Stream-Ready Bass Tracks To Elevate Your Music for $35

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After graduating from UNT's jazz studies program in 2018 I've maintained a busy calendar playing with Texas country acts like Logan Samford (Shotgun Rider), David Adam Bynes, Dalton Domino, Charlie Hickman, Jay Statham and the Tokie Show, and Saints Eleven. I can also be heard with Dallas‘s finest jazz musicians in bars, clubs and hotels all over DFW.

I love to help songwriters lift up their music, which is why I started a home recording studio to provide affordable bass tracks on demand. I will record a bass line for $35 a track. Unlimited Revisions, 3 day turnaround with optional 24hr return for $15. I always transcribe the track I get, write a chart out and set up very detailed projects in Logic Pro X. I just want to make this easy for you, so I’m as thorough and organized as possible to make revisions quick and painless.

I play electric and upright bass, and track from my home studio in Denton, Texas. Lately I use a Sadowsky 5 string jazz bass and Fender 4 string precision bass w/ La Bella flats and foam. My upright is a fully carved Sandro Luciano from West Coast Strings, the sound is mellow and fat. For preamps I use Noble DI, Avalon U5, Golden Age 73 MKII, and Universal Audio unison preamps (with Neve 1073, API Vision, SSL E, UA 610 A/B, and Century Tube plugins). My Universal Audio Apollo 8 runs all of my gear. If we can’t find the tone with those options I also have Mesa Boogie Subway and Aguilar Tonehammer preamps, plus I own all of the bass amp emulations from Universal Audio including the Ampeg B15, and SVTVR and SVT3. I find myself most often using my Audio Technica 4040 or Cascade Fathead II mics. I have multiple cabs we can use (Eden 2x10, 1x15, and Avatar 1x12), I usually power those with my Genz Benz ShuttleMax 12.2.

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