Electric and Double Bass Tracks DI, Mic/Amp For Any Style for $10

In Bass 100% Guarantee By Travis Udall

Electric and Double Bass Tracks DI, Mic/Amp For Any Style for $10

I'm Travis Udall, a bass player based out of Denton, Texas in the DFW area. The main thing I am about is recording gold standard quality bass for producers, songwriters and arrangers. I'm not charging a lot, I just love doing this. What I am enthusiastic about is making you sound as good as I possible!

My half analog/half in the box home recording studio is based around a UAD Apollo 8, and a Mac running Logic. The recording space is acoustically treated and I use a pair of Yamaha HS80Ms, custom IEMs and Beyer Dynamic DT900s for monitoring. The main DI is my Avalon U5, but if the vibe is right I'll use the Noble, or possibly an amp sim. I have Eden and Avatar 10", 12", and 15" cabinets and a variety of awesome sounding preamps (Ampeg, Neve, API, etc) and mics (Audio Technica AT4040, Cascade Fathead, SM57, and others). My 2009 Sandro Luciano double bass from West Coast Strings is strung with a set of Evah Pirazzis (sounds great arco or pizz). I use Sadowsky and Fender electric basses. Bottom line is the tone sounds great!

Locally I've recorded with Texas artist Saints Eleven, Justin Tipton, Adam Cline, Dakota Ritter and Jason Cartmell. I've played lots of shows with those artists and I've toured with the likes of Dalton Domino, David Adam Byrnes, Logan Samford (of Shotgun Rider fame), Brent Alexander, The Texas Gypsies, Jay Statham and the Tokie Show, Charlie Hickman, and Tanner Sparks. I maintain a busy freelance calendar with many excellent local jazz artist, too. You can come hear me every Thursday at Revelers Hall with the Bishop Avenue Hot 6, Fridays at Virgin Hotels Dallas with Dezi 5, and on Sundays with Andre Schwartz' Jazz Jam at the Free Man in Dallas. I also earned a Jazz Studies degree from UNT's college of music, studying double bass with the notable Lynn Seaton.

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