Bass tracking for $100

In Bass By Schermann Gergő

Bass tracking for $100

Electric bass tracking for your own song or cover. I play the bass as my second instrument, so i would rather be able to help you out with some fundamental grooves, and simple solos if it's needed.

I'm most comfortable with playing jazz, funk and rock, but i also love to work on pop recordings and i'm open to any other genre, if it matches my musical experiences. If you don't have the bass part written, i can come up with some original parts for you. I can read, but if you don't have the music written, i can go by ear too.

I'm recording digital, using Reaper as my DAW and making the sounds with plugins (mostly from Plugin Alliance). I have an Ibanez SR300 4-string bass.

I will provide you:
- the full track with my part added (I will mix my track to fit in)
- my stem
- the dry signal (so you can change them later)

  • Blues
  • Funk
  • Jazz
  • Latin
  • Pop
  • Rock

Demo Track

  • Demo Track
  • Stems

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