Upright Bass, Acoustic Bass, Double Bass - 3 Tracks in 3 Days for $149

In Bass 100% Guarantee By Steve Watson

Upright Bass, Acoustic Bass, Double Bass - 3 Tracks in 3 Days for $149

Are you a singer/songwriter or composer/producer looking for Walking Basslines, R&B Grooves, Funk Patterns or Bowed Bass tracks from an acoustic bass? (AKA upright bass, standup bass, double bass, contrabass...)

I have a Rock, Funk, Classical, R & B and Jazz background.

Whether you are just starting out with a rough idea, or have an exact part you want on your session, just send me an mp3 of your track with a description of what you are looking for.

I will get back to you to confirm availability, and if you want to proceed I will send some bass tracks for you to review right away.

After you send any comments for revisions, you can expect to receive the final files the next day or sooner (depending on our time zones). I will even deliver raw out-takes from the session for you (if you want to have bonus options to cut & paste from...)

Final delivery will include 3 full takes within 3 days (again, depending on our time zones).

If you are not in as much of a rush - or if budget is an issue - let's look at our schedules and see how we can make that work for you. Thanks for reading through and considering this AirGigs service. I look forward to hearing your music and contributing to your project!

  • Jazz
  • Classical
  • Funk

Anna Rayner - Darkest of Blue

Bass part I recorded and provided via Airgigs!
  • Anna Rayner - Darkest of Blue
  • External Pressure

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