The Perfect Low End for your Track for $50

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The Perfect Low End for your Track for $50

If you're looking for the perfect bass guitar part for your song, look no further! I am the bass guitarist you seek. I am a multi-instrumentalist from San Diego, CA, with an ear for exactly what your music needs.

My biggest gift is hearing a piece of music, interpreting it, and enhancing it. My playing style is very rhythmic, melodic, and appropriate for any kind of music. I feel confident that I can provide you with the part your song needs regardless of the genre.

Trust me when I say that I'm extremely easy to work with. I have a producer mindset, so I hold no connection to the parts that I write and am happy to adjust and revise anything to make the client happy! I have always been able to provide my clients with exactly what they were looking for.

I have spent over 13 years of my life in professional recording studios and nearly 20 years playing music live. Since 2012, I have been writing, recording, and producing my own material. Since 2015, I have been building a home studio around a ProTools rig. I have a plethora of electronic amp sims to provide the perfect tone for your music. I promise I have plenty of experience, knowledge, and know-how to record a bass guitar track for your song.

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