Upright bass recording for $100

In Bass By Mark Miskolczi

Upright bass recording for $100

I am a proficient player on upright (bowed and pizzicato), fretted and electric bass, comfortable with improvising lines, and reading from sheets. I graduated with highest honors from the Jazz Bass department of Franz Liszt Academy of Music Budapest.

I have experience in the studio and out, playing in bands with different music styles ranging from mainstream jazz to pop and rock, from purely acoustic setups to amplified ones. I own an arsenal of effects, so if you need a synthesized bass sound I am more than happy to comply.

My goal is to deliver the bass line you want.

My hardware:

Custom built upright bass
Fretless Collins Masterbass w/ Dimarzio pickups
Squier Classic Vibe Bass VI - (6 stringstuned EADGCF - in between a guitar and a bass, great if you want something special)
Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass

Gallien Krueger MB200 bass amplifier
Schertler Jam 150 amplifier
Vintage regent bass combo
AKG C411PP contact microphone
Large diaphram studio condenser microphones
An armada of effects, a lot of them made by myself. (ask about them!)

Scarlett 6i6 audio interface fed into Reaper.

For the above mentioned price, I will either come up with a part, or if you have sheet music, I will play it as is.

  • Jazz
  • Blues
  • Pop
  • Country
  • Folk
  • Classical

Excerpts from albums I play bass on.

I play bass on these recordings. (Albums:Sebestyén Patrik Sextett- Colors Of Fortune, Fenyves Quartet-The Sweetest Love Of All))
  • Excerpts from albums I play bass on.
  • Improvisation over a simpla bass line
  • A simple groove on the upright.

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