Professional Bass Recording for $75

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Professional Bass Recording for $75

Hello everyone, my name is Luca, and I am a professional bass player with 10+ years of experience.

Thanks to my technical ability as well as my in-depth knowledge of music theory, I can play across a wide array of genres from Jazz to Metal to whatever else I feel like playing.

As I wish to provide my clients with the best audio quality, I always record direct signals on my Apogee Duet interface.

To further satisfy your musical needs, I offer unlimited revisions!

What are you waiting for? Let's take your song to the next level!

All I need to get started is your track without bass or even a simple drum track.

I love receiving suggestions on how to play on your song, so if you have any song references, feel free to share them with me.

I Always deliver a processed bass track (with eq, comp and various effects) and raw bass track.

My Gear:
- D'Mark Omega
- Status S2 custom model
- Eko vintage jazz bass
- Manne Fretless cutom model 1991
- Harley benton 7 strings
- Apogee Duet
- Aguilar Tone hammer

Get it Off

Bass Player
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  • Now I Am
  • Spanish Fever
  • Misunderstorming Blues

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