Innovative, tight and tasteful bass tracks for $50

In Bass By Ciara Moser

Innovative, tight and tasteful bass tracks for $50

I'm a professional bass player from Austria and part of various projects all around the world. After receiving two full scholarships for Berklee College of music I had the opportunity to work and play with well-known musicians like Victor Wooten, John Pattitucci, Steve Bailey, Ron Carter, Freddie Washington, Lee Sklar, Janek Gwizdala and many more. My goal is to spend as much time for your project as necessary to fit your taste and serve the music. As I am blind I can express the emotional message of your song in the purest way without distraction through eyesight and I seek to put heart and soul into every note I play.
Go ahead and spice up your song with innovative, tight and grooving bass lines!

My gear is:

Fodera Emperor Standard (6-string)
Fender Jazz Bass American Elite (4-string)
Markbass Little Mark 800
MBox Pro Interface
Pro Tools (DAW)

  • Pop
  • Funk
  • Jazz
  • Gospel
  • Latin
  • R&B
  • Soul
  • Soul


  • Pop
  • Samba
  • Irish Rock
  • Swing
  • Jazz Ballad

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