Slap or pizzicato Upright bass for $50

In Bass 100% Guarantee By Al Remez

Slap or pizzicato Upright bass for $50

I'm good in styles of 30-60's music: Blues, Hillbilly, Gospel, Rockabilly, Rock'n'Roll, Jump Blues, Country, etc.

I began playing on Upright Bass when I was 15 years old.

I would record slap or pizzicato Upright bass, $50 per track.

My microphones: Custom Ribbon mic; MXL CR77; Shure Beta 57A.
Mic PreAmp - Dbx 376
My audio Interface - Zoom H4n
Programs - Reaper

P.S.: You should pay only for the finished track. Before you'll pay I will know what you like to hear and BEFORE you'll pay, you'll hear my part in the mix and if you'll like it you'll buy it.

All the Best!
Al Remez

  • Rockabilly
  • Blues
  • Rock

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