In Bass 100% Guarantee By Matt Jones


I am a session/touring bass guitarist with 22 years of pro experience. Music is a lifelong love for me, and recording just the right bass line for your song is my number one goal! Here is some basic info..

All my bass tracks are dual-recorded: close mic on a 4x10 bass cabinet powerd by a Hartke 5000, and also a direct line through a FocusRite 2i4 usb audio interface into Logic Pro for a clean tone. I will provide both tracks, unprocessed, for you to mix and master as you choose. Upon request, I can also provide a finished, processed bass track as my recommendation for tone and sound should you want to just drop it into your finished track.

My goal is to lock into the groove and serve your song. My promise is to work diligently to capture YOUR vision. I offer up to four (4) takes/revisions, but I will work to get you the track your song needs. You will get excellent and fast communication, with absolutely no ego. There's no need to pay until you are completely satisfied.

All I need from you is your song (mp3, wave file, phone recording, anything really...), the tempo (super important), and whatever sound or vision you have in mind.

Once I receive your song and notes I get right to work. Your song will become my first priority. You'll typically have your bass track in your hands within 48 hours (sometimes within just a couple hours! )

A little about me:
My name is Matt Jones. and I am a professional studio and touring bassist. My studio experience includes sessions playing Country, Rock, Praise and Worship, Funk, Blues, Pop, R&B and more. I've had a lifelong passion for music and would be honored to be a part of bringing your song to life!

My gear currently consists of a Music Man Sting Ray 5-string (flat or round wound strings...just ask), Hartke Model 5000 amp, Hartke 4x10 cab, Ampeg SVT-IIP bass pre, FocusRite 2i4 usb audio interface, Logic Pro X DAW, and a LyxPro LDC-10 cardioid condenser mic for amplified sound.

I pride myself on a strong work ethic, a Can-Do attitude, and working to always add just the right bass line to every song. If you have any questions, just reach out. I'm happy to call, IM, or Skype with you. Let me help you bring your song to life!

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