Nashville Professional Bass Guitar Tracks for $125

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Nashville Professional Bass Guitar Tracks for $125

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Being a Nashville session/touring pro, I am proficient in a large variety of musical formats. My work includes major label and indie credits, including 3 billboard number one singles this year, as well as multiple demo recordings.

I tour and record full time with Capitol Nashville artist, Jon Pardi. Check out his latest albums, "California Sunrise" "B-Sides" and "Write You A Song" to hear some of my work.

My recording rig includes an A-Designs Reddi, Jule Amps Monique, Neve 1073, Demeter VTB-201, ADL CL-1000, and Waves Mercury Bundle in addition to a '67 Ampeg B-15N and a large assortment of other amps and effects.

All tracks are recorded in Protools. I provide a minimum of two tracks for each song. Tracks are completed within 5 days.

Some of the gear I use and endorse includes:

Alleva Coppolo Bass Guitars
LaBella Strings
Kala U-Basses
Aguilar Amplifiers
Jule Amps

as well as...
Fender Basses
Warwick Basses
Rick Turner Basses
Kay Uprights
Ampeg Amplifers
Anthony DeMaria Labs

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