Promotional price: I will record a professional bass line for you for $50

In Bass 100% Guarantee By ricardoajferrari

Promotional price: I will record a professional bass line for you for $50

Promotional pricing for one track only per client. If you wish more, please access my standard gig. If more than two tracks, I sure can make an incremental discount.

I will deliver an uncompressed crystal clean bass line track in the format you choose, in a repository of your choice.

Upbeat, Ballads and many more possibilities.
For a five minutes track - maximum.
If you are sending me already recorded music, it has to be done with a metronome (better if in another channel).
Tell me what you would like.
Please feel free to contact me for any inquires.

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4 Reviews

  1. Review By: Jozzef Apr 8, 2019

    Ricardo recorded bass lines for some of my tracks, he gets the vibe of the tracks and is willing to accommodate special requests. All recommendations.

  2. Review By: Jozzef Apr 8, 2019

    Great bass lines and once again very fast delivery. All recommendations for Ricardo.

  3. Review By: Jozzef Apr 7, 2019

    Great work, I really like what Ricardo did, both in terms of style and tone. And the delivery was really quick which is great. I would definitely recommend Ricardo to others for recording bass.

  4. Review By: bigblue Sep 5, 2018

    I gave Ricardo a very difficult brief and he nailed it,try this guy out,you wont be diappointed.