Profile Copywriting To Win You Gigs for $75

In Music Promotion By Danny Clugston

Profile Copywriting To Win You Gigs for $75

Do You Really Need A Profile Copywriter in 2021?

You may be the best artist in the world.

But if your profile doesn't present an immediately compelling offer in writing... struggle to persuade people to stop browsing and finally click!

I will use my professional copywriting experience to write you a new AirGigs profile. This will help you win gigs, earn more fees, and delight your customers.

I'll work with you to quickly discover your most impressive artist experiences and draw out the value of your professional credentials and studio setup.

I then apply a step-by-step system and use proven copywriting strategies to create a high performing written profile for you.

Here's what you get working with me:

• A brand new Seller profile for AirGigs up to the maximum character limit to get people to click on your profile
• Newly edited Instructions to Buyer which make it easy for clients to work with you.
• A concise paragraph of bio copy, typically 5-7 sentences so you can better promote yourself on social media.

Artists who work with me benefit by gaining clear and compelling profiles which work 24/7 to better sell their services.

I focus on the writing. You focus on your music and service.

Together we get those 5-Star reviews rolling in!

Does that sound good?

It time to start winning more work. Let’s start a project today.

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  • World
  • R&B
  • Rock
  • Ambient

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