Interview You or Your Band on a Music Blog - 10 Question Interview for $25

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Interview You or Your Band on a Music Blog - 10 Question Interview for $25

Apollo Promotion partners with the well-known music blog and magazine Upstream Indie to promote the music of independent artists. The goal is to give artists a platform to grow their fanbases and advance their career. We are open to helping artists of any genre at any stage.

With this gig, I'll conduct a written interview and to post on the site. After ordering, you'll be presented with 10 questions to submit written answers to. If there's something in particular you'd like to discuss, you can reach out about working that in.

Interviews can help make new fans but are also a great asset that you can share with fans on social media to deepen your relationship. Having write-ups like reviews and interviews can also help your chances of getting future stories because it shows credibility.

In addition to what's included in each package, the gigs includes the following:
-- Link back to your website
-- Links to your social media channels
-- Embedding of a music video or streaming player (Soundcloud, Spotify, or Apple Music)
-- Shout of your latest music release

For an additional $20, I will give you prime placement for the interview. It will stay on the home page for 2+ weeks guaranteed.

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