Lyric Video Premium (Starting at) for $630

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Lyric Video Premium (Starting at) for $630

Get a professional Lyric Video for your song. We utilize images and/or videos, motion backgrounds, clean typography, transitions and FX to create high quality Lyric Videos perfect for promoting your music on YouTube.

- Animated words and letters
- Animated graphics elements
- Custom scenes with animated camera and background for each part of the song (verses, bridge, hooks, etc.)
- Advanced transitions and FX
- Full HD

- The price means "starting at", so before placing your order contact us to know our options and find the best solution for your video.
- If a song exceed 5 minutes there is a surcharge of $30 for each additional 30 seconds. For example if a song is 5:12 long it will be calculated 5:30.

- Song audio file, artist name, song title, lyrics
- Optional: artist logo, cover art, artist picture, color preferences

To see some examples or if you have any question please contact us.

If you want to spend less take a look at our Lyric Video Standard, Basic and Lite. You can find links to services from our profile.

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