Social Media Marketing for $45

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Social Media Marketing for $45

Does this sound familiar?

YOU: "I've tried boosting my post before and literally NOTHING happened."
ME: "What was your campaign objective, target audience, customer acquisition experience, and measured results?"
YOU: ".......What?......"
ME: "Let's start over... Who are you helping with your music?"
YOU: ".... I don't know....."
ME: "Well... Let's talk about that and see where it takes us."

I have been a musician for 18 years. I've been a label CEO for 11. During that time I have helped several artists get offers and larger record deals to further their career. I have studied sales, marketing, and social media for as long as I can remember and I have a knack for helping people find their shine.

I want to talk to you about what you're doing with your career and how you can avoid the pain and mistakes I made along the path to becoming a career musician. Our path isn't paved in stone like other careers. If you want to be a doctor there is a clear line you can follow to take you there. If you want to be a lawyer there's a road that will lead you. But in our world there is nothing but a blank page, your pen, and the ideas living in your heart.

Imagine if someone had developed a path that can take you from basement rapper or garage band to superstar in as much time as it takes a lawyer to graduate University. Sit down with me for a half hour Skype or Hangouts session and I will give you actionable information that will help you see a clear path from the point you're at right now, to your ultimate goal of becoming a career musician on your terms.

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