Mix feedback/critique from producer, recording engineer & artist for $30

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Mix feedback/critique from producer, recording engineer & artist for $30

Hello, Dominic Romano here -- Professional full-time recording engineer, producer of bands, artist, sound creator, etc. Your mix is pretty close, right? You just need a professional and fresh ear to help you bring it home. That's where I come in.

I'll give you detailed and constructive feedback on your mix. What happens is all very dependent on the song in question, but some examples:
- EQ for specific instruments or full mix
- Volume/automation suggestions
- FX changes (longer/shorter reverb, delay eqs)
- Panning suggestions
- and so many more specific things that i can't list them all here.

Not only will I try to help correct problems that are there, but I'll help to generate creative and new mixing ideas you may not have thought of for the song.

All of the above will be checked on mastering-level speakers, studio headphones, apple earbuds and crappy auratone reference speakers (because you want your mix to still sound good on a crap system!)

I really look forward to hearing your mix and working with you!

** please note that this is for a single in-depth "round" of feedback or a single draft of your mix. If you'd multiple rounds of feedback, we can modify the price point accordingly

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Leather Tramp - Diggin Dirt

A song I recorded and mixed for Humboldt County-based funk band Diggin Dirt
  • Leather Tramp - Diggin Dirt
  • We Can - The Karmanauts
  • Maggie - The Gatehouse Well

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