Full Lyric feedback from songwriter, producer & engineer for $25

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Full Lyric feedback from songwriter, producer & engineer for $25

Hello! You're looking for a fresh ear and detailed feedback on your lyrics, right? My name's Dominic Romano, I'm a full-time professional producer, songwriter, engineer, musician , performer, etc. People have described my own work as authentic, moving, catchy and illustrative. I have worked primarily in pop, folk & indie rock, but I'm very open to any genre.

I'd love to be the one to work with you to polish up your song lyrically and make it the best it can be. I will not only tell you which lyrics could be improved but, when I can, I'll include my own specific ideas on what to change them to.

Feedback includes:
General song concept
individual lines
order & prosity
and anything else that your song brings to mind in particular

Feedback does not include melody/music. If you'd like to include that, message me and we can make a custom one for you :)

Hope to work with you soon, thanks!

Gracie Jean - Dominic Romano

A song I wrote from my first solo album
  • Gracie Jean - Dominic Romano
  • Life On Jupiter - The Karmanauts
  • Wherever You Are - Dominic Romano ft. Olivia Gerber
  • Used Again - Rachel Beccaria

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