Mix Engineering by Nate Barnes for $250

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Mix Engineering by Nate Barnes for $250

Hi, my name is Nate Barnes and I'm a professional musician with over 10 years of producing, engineering, drumming, and writing experience. I've been mixing tracks for over 10 years and have worked at major studios, and I know my way around a full console, patchbay, and outboard gear. I have also studied mixing and mastering at Berklee College of Music.

Some of my career highlights include playing with Ryan Bingham, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Rodney Crowell, Hiss Golden Messenger, and many others. I have made records with producers such as Brendan O’Brien, Jim Scott, Nick DiDia, and more. I have also had my original compositions placed with companies such as HBO, Ford, Target, Chase, Facebook, and many others.

I have a fantastic modern "in the box" mixing setup with great monitors, top notch A to D conversion, and a great sounding treated room that I know by heart. I also utilize the latest and greatest plugins from Universal Audio, Slate Digital, Sound Toys, Izotope, Kush Audio, Native Instruments, and others. This setup allows me to get analog vibe and sound on my mixes as well as do quick recalls of any session should anything need to be tweaked.

Check out my featured tracks for examples of my work- I am definitely a "creativity first" mix engineer, and rather than having a "one size fits all" workflow or standard template, I have a dynamic process that will conform to each individual song, album, and artist. No two songs should be approached the exact same way, and I try to hone in on the vibe and feeling, and blend sounds in a way that brings out the best of the song. Some good examples this would be the debut LP of my solo project Plutinos (released 2018) and the 4 albums I did with my original rock band Rose Hill Drive. I specialize in Rock, Indie, Pop, Country, Americana, and Folk genres.

I'd love to make your tracks come to life and pop out of the speakers with vibe and energy. Feel free to reach out with any questions at all, I'm here to be of service!

Plutinos - Dream Is Lost

I wrote, recorded, and mixed everything in this production
  • Plutinos - Dream Is Lost
  • Plutinos - Falling Away
  • Plutinos- So Long
  • The Heavy Gates - The Fires of Faith

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