Get An Amazing Mixing Quality By One Of The Best for $35

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Get An Amazing Mixing Quality By One Of The Best for $35

Welcome to Katchup Studio where your song start from nothing to something.

I'm an experienced mix engineer. I graduated from Institute Of Audio Research and I am now a Certified Engineer. My offer to you is to deliver a solid mix & great sound. I find passion in every song I mix. I love taking somebody's art and making it pop through the speakers for the world to hear. Allow me to bring the heart of your song to the heart of the people. I look forward to working with you on your next project. So feel free to click on service.

Happy to answer any questions you may have.

My Mixing Process:

Gain Staging
Mix Bus Processing
EQ and Compression
Reverb and Delay
And more (Saturation, Modulation, Limiting, etc)

You will sound Amazing!, better the mix and master.

Mix: Gain staging, statics mix, verify the face in the instrument and fixed, vocal tuning, parallel compression ( when is needed) Eq, each track and compress ( if needed) group tracks, control dynamics of the group eq Group, control the space, reverbs, delay, control dynamics Compression limiter etc.

Master: Tube compression in the master buss limiter, multi band, compression stereo image and competitive loudness without distortion.


Double R- Fache

  • Double R- Fache
  • G-Monnay- Faith

4 Reviews

  1. Review By: TheRealPhakz Apr 7, 2018

    Always a pleasure to work with Katchup!

  2. Review By: TheRealPhakz Apr 4, 2018

    I loved the mix. Very affordable for underground artists. I recommend everyone to give him an opportunity to show you his skills. I will work with him at least twice a week

  3. Review By: TheRealPhakz Apr 4, 2018

    Great services and communication. He was early on his work, very professional/ all around good guy.