Professionally Mix and Master your Song by Industry Standards In 24 Hours for $200

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Professionally Mix and Master your Song by Industry Standards In 24 Hours for $200

Hi! I'm Samuel Alvarez, a Producer and Audio Engineer graduated from one of the best audio schools in Latin America (Taller De Arte Sonoro). I've had the pleasure to work with upcoming artists and talents like LeVirya, Rozh, Connor Byers, kyo, United Duality, Pauline Andrès, Carbondale, and many more, in genres like Pop, Electronic, Hip-Hop, Rock, Indie, Country, and more!

I will do for you a high-quality and creative Mix and Master of your song, working with the best gear and software of the market, adding clarity, presence, and punch while maintaining the dynamics of your recording, making your track sound by Industry Standards and take on a life on its own.

All genres are welcome and every song will be treated based on its need (No presets).

What I need from you:

All individual audio Tracks/Stems of your project, already edited, time and pitch fixed (if you need help with this, please let me know) and disable any post-recording effects that are not essential to the original sound of the instrument.


I would love to hear more about your project! Just click the "Contact Me" button and I will reply ASAP. Also, Do you want me to Mix and/or Master your EP or Album? Send me a message and I will give you the best price possible

This is the Express service (Delivery in 24 Hours). Feel free to visit the rest of my Profile to find the normal Delivery Mixing and Mastering Service.

Carbondale - Something Good

  • Carbondale - Something Good
  • Meaux - Dog Sees God
  • United Duality - Sexy Sadie Passed
  • Kelly Davitt - Country Roads

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