Professional Mix and Master Package for $75

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Professional Mix and Master Package for $75

This package is for a one song mix and master of up to 50 stems using professional level analogue and digital gear in a professional mix room.

I am a New York Trained, Professional Mixer, Producer, Songwriter, and Multi-Instrumentalist. I spent time on Saturday Night Live, toured on a Major Christian Record Label, have a Master's Degree From New York University in Songwriting, Audio Production, and Jazz Performance and have been Mixing, Mastering, and Producing Records for 15 years.

I run a full production studio based in Phoenix, Arizona that specializes in recording and mixing for artists all over the US. I know you’re passionate about your project, and I want to give it the same attention and pro-quality it deserves. I've been on both sides of the studio glass throughout my career playing on records and engineering, but have spent the last 15 years working as a mixer. I care deeply about cultivating an environment of creativity and discovery with everyone I work with. Music has been my life and I guarantee I can handle any project no matter how simple or complex. I'm also transparent, and if I'm not the right fit, I'll be sure to connect you with someone who is. I'd love to help get your next project up to the professional level it deserves.

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