I will professionally Mix and Master your Songs for $149

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I will professionally Mix and Master your Songs for $149

My name is Alessandro, and I'm an Italian Audio Engineer, producer, and musician with over 10 years of experience.

I'm on a secret mission to become the missing member of your band. It's not unusual to start my work as an audio engineer and end up as a co-writer and/or musician.

You can find a testimonial from a client on my AirGigs profile:
"Alessandro is a professional. Best mix/master I've ever worked with! It's like he's another member of the band, and he made these songs his own. I will be working with him again in the future!"
...and he did. For three years and counting.

What can I offer for this price?
• I'll listen to your rough mix (I won't judge  ̄▽ ̄'') and your reference tracks to get to know your vision, goals, and mood.
• Regardless of the genre, I'll Mix and Master your tracks so that they blend perfectly. My ACTUAL goal is to create a precise, coherent ensemble of instruments that dynamically moves towards the emotions you felt when you created it.

If that's not enough I can also send you custom offers to:
• Gently (or not) edit/tune your vocal tracks and get them radio ready!
• Edit instruments to make them moove-with-da-groove ♫
• I personally know many pro musicians. If you need someone to play drums, guitars, marimbas, or hurdy-gurdies I might know your man/woman. Stop asking about screaming goats, please.

Five years and two degrees in sound engineering taught me Mastering's hidden purpose: to correct the frequency/dynamic range of the mixed file so that it's ready for the platform it will end up on. I also learned that doing this from the first second of mixing is more convenient... but once it's finished, I'll triple check on monitors, headphones, cars, Bluetooth speakers, and so on.

Oh, and I will also enhance it by adding some warmth, width, low-end punch, glue, and clarity. I will also make it loud as f-needed because volume knobs are there for a reason. :)

  • Electronic
  • Heavy Metal
  • Pop
  • Pop-Rock
  • Rock
  • Punk

Ritorno A Cartagena - Malbianco

LATEST WORK: My own Italian Alternative Rock band, Full production
  • Ritorno A Cartagena - Malbianco
  • Chelsea - Dragged Under
  • Cometary Coma - H-zero
  • Lazy Bum Kid B - New American Hustle
  • Meaning of Nothing - New American Hustle
  • Sono Una Bomba - Malbianco
  • Sincero - Malbianco
  • Stay Away - Malbianco

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