Premium Mixing&Mastering for $100

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Premium Mixing&Mastering for $100

For a perfect mix, all tracks need to be perfect. But during recording, various errors occur and often unwanted noise appears. I will do all the necessary work to prepare your material for mixing, such as: pitch and time correction, tempo alignment of all tracks, normalize levels, remove defects such as clicks, blowing, hiss, mouth clicks, clipping, background noise. I do all the work manually using modern professional technologies and individually in each case, since for example pitch correction in automatic mode is very audible and often not accurate, but if you need such a correction as the "autotune effect", then I can apply it, although for this I will need to apply some settings or play a special melody using midi.
Next, I equalize, compress, saturate, and mix your tracks, applying the necessary spatial processing and panning. The number of tracks for mixing your song is not limited and you can realize all your creative ideas. Also, the number of revisions does not matter - the main task is to create the perfect mix that you need!
After that, I do the necessary mastering - I adjust the range and volume so that your mix sounds comfortable on all major modern media. If necessary, I can make the required volume level for a specific media platform.
All these works can take from 1 to several days depending on the complexity of the project - sometimes I need to approach the project with a fresh look the next day, then clarity and new ideas appear. My main goal is that you like the result!
Feel free to ask any questions you are interested in, I am always in touch and will be happy to answer you.
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