Professional Mixing by an Industry Veteran of your song up to 24 tracks for $200

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Professional Mixing by an Industry Veteran of your song up to 24 tracks for $200

Hello and Thanks for checking out my listing.
I am a Grammy Award Winning and Multi-Platinum Producer, Engineer and Composer. Please check out the audio and video examples to hear where i can take your music in my Studio.

Previously worked with: Maroon 5, Ziggy Marley, Black Eyed Peas, Jeff Beck, Joss Stone, Wyclef, Kanye West, Macy Gray, N-Dubz, and many more.

On my down time between records I mix at my home studio. The reason why this price is track limited, on some of the major records i mentioned above, track counts get into the 150 area often which takes quite a bit more time. I will be posting prices of other track counts soon.

This price includes 2 rounds of revisions. Heres how it will work:You will upload me the files, or send a drive if thats easier for a full record. I will get you a mix of the song within 2 weeks. After you have listened you can email me any changes. I will make revisions and send you Mix 2. Then you can send me Final tweaks, and i will send you Mix 3, an Instrumental and Acapella.

If you need to make more changes we can arrange this.

Please send instructions/confirmation after purchase via airgigs otherwise the gig will not be pushed through as ready to the air gigs server.

Also this very budget mixing rate, does not include editing, or vocal tuning, tracks must be ready for mixing. I have a separate tuning gig listed if you need those services.

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