Mixing with free mastering for $150

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Mixing with free mastering for $150

You will have heard my mixes on BBC Radio One, Radio Two, Planet Rock and Kerrang! Radio to name just a few

I'm Jack, a producer and mixer in London signed to Earache Records. I specialise in rock, pop, hip hop and metal mixing/production I will have your 1st mix back to you within 72 hours and can also offer a mastering service immediately after!

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions you may have, I have explained a little about myself just below :)

As a writer and touring artist I know the pains of low quality mixes and the frustrations of trying to work with difficult engineers, so I wanted to create something that artist from all stages in their careers feel comfortable being a part of. From household names in Rock and Metal through to emerging acts in Pop and EDM, i take every job as seriously as the last, I've included a little about my setup below!

I work from The Qube in West London using the following monitors: Neumann KH80 DSP, KH120 AG, KH310 ALG, KH750DSP, which gives me a full audio spectrum to really get into the detail of what I'm working on and produce pro level work quickly and effectively.

My process is clear and simple to follow, get in contact and we can have a chat about what you want from your songs, drop me a Spotify playlist with references you love and shoot over the stems of your tracks!

**I also offer synth, sampling, post-production services which can be discussed if interested**

  • Metal
  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Pop-Rock
  • Hip Hop


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