Mix and Master your track to its fullest potential for $100

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Mix and Master your track to its fullest potential for $100

Hello everyone and thanks for checking out my mixing and mastering gig!
I am here to offer you a great price and help you get your mix to shine to its fullest potential. I am a professional full time audio engineer with a huge passion for music in all genres who has been involved with music, recording and mixing for most of my life. Throughout the last 20 years of collaborating over the internet I have to learned to keep the creative flow between myself and the artist as smooth as possible. I am here to serve your vision for your song and to make sure this happens I send mixes back and forth with you throughout the whole process sharing mix notes to make sure you are 100% percent happy with your final mix and master.

I have mixed and mastered hundreds of songs in all genres, a few films, some commercials, podcasts, audio books and more for clients in over 40 countries worldwide. My work has been used in TV shows, Films, Netflix, FM Radio, in Video Games, Podcasts, and more.
I work mostly in the box using Pro Tools and many great Plugins from Waves, Massey, UAD, Slate, and others. I do all my mixing using the Raven MTi multi touch console integrated in with my PreSonus Studio Live III for a full hands on approach that allows me to get from point A to B really quickly so I can get you a really quick turn around on your mix.

I always include the unmastered mix with my delivery and 2 masters. One LOUD and one with a targeted volume average of -12 LUFs that is great for YouTube, Itunes, Spotify and other online medias that will renormalize your audio to the volume for playback online. I can also bounce out instrumental mixes or any other variation that you might need in any format that you request.

I am open to negotiate deals on groups of songs and songs with track counts under 10 stems.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me I am in my studio full time Monday to Friday and can get back to you right away on those days!
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