I will mix and master your jazz tune for $50

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I will mix and master your jazz tune for $50

Please feel free to contact me before you place an order, if you think that I should check your files before we proceed, so I can create the best offer for your project.

I'll deliver a great mix and master for your song, which will be done in my personal studio (EVE, Merging, UAD, Plugin Alliance, Soundtoys, Pro Tools). The tune will be radio/streaming ready. Up to 15 tracks.

Will work on balance, equalization, compression, spatiality, de-esing, saturation, multi-band processing, stereo imaging, effects & other processing.

It’s my true desire to use my knowledge and experience to make your music sound the best it can.

Here you can listen to some of my mixes:



Don't hesitate to contact me to discuss your proyect. Hope to get to work together!

Fly me to the Moon - Alex Villoria

Alex Villoria
  • Fly me to the Moon - Alex Villoria
  • I'm through with Love - Alex Villoria
  • New samba
  • Inestabilidad - Dan Hakim
  • It might as well
  • Cry me a river
  • I'm a fool to want you

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