Pro Mixing by Nocturnal Hubcap Records for $115

In Mixing 100% Guarantee By Nocturnal Hubcap Records

Pro Mixing by Nocturnal Hubcap Records for $115

Pro mixing in Logic Pro X with 2 free revisions.

My work has been featured in Rolling Stone, The Music, Pile Rats, Triple J, The AU Review, etc. and I am a registered APRA AMCOS writer/performer and an ARIA producer/label.

No presets/templates - your track will receive the individual attention it deserves

Pro gear - hybrid analog/digital processing, high-end monitoring and architecturally-designed studio

Fast turnaround - Your mixed track will be returned in high-quality WAV with 3 days and mastering is also available.

  • Electronic
  • House
  • Techno
  • Hip Hop
  • EDM
  • Pop

THØLEMOD - Horselover Fat

Mixed & Mastered by Nocturnal Hubcap
  • THØLEMOD - Horselover Fat
  • Timothy & The Apocalypse - Honey Bee
  • Midfutures - Callahan 11
  • Ben Shock - Paranoi

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