Full Song Edit for $40

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Full Song Edit for $40

If you want your song edited in a professional polished sounding way while still maintaining its original natural sound, I got your back!

Using protools beat detective, manual editing and most important of all, AN ATTENTIVE EAR, I will edit your tracks making sure they sound clear and match the BPM of your song perfectly. Firstly, I check if all the phases are aligned, and fix whatever is needed. Then, after an initial edit, I will playback the whole song and verify there are no artefacts (unwanted audio information AKA clips and pops) and that everything flows naturally, just like the original recording.

Just send me the track you want edited and the BPM info. Also, feel free to let me know if you want it to sound more human and natural, or quantized and right on the grid.

As soon as the editing is done, I’ll send you a MP3 bounce, and you’ll have 3 revisions. The final edited instruments will be sent to you via WeTransfer.

I can’t wait to start working on your project!

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Inner 29 - Degrees

Polished Pop-Rock with modern elements
  • Inner 29 - Degrees
  • Inner 29 - Outside

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