Professional Mix And Master Money Back Guarentee for $75

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Professional Mix And Master Money Back Guarentee for $75

- Discounted Price Ends : 9-28-22
- Money Back Guarentee

We can guarantee a radio-ready mix & master for you to put in front of the world. Industry artist trusts us to take there song from okay to great. Some of our engineers have mixed alongside some of the best in the industry (Regis - Shaun Sloan - Aayla - Ji Brisky etc.. We mainly deal with hiphop, r&b, Singer/songwriter, and rap vocals.

This will be the best mix you ever heard will be sent back to you within the time agreed upon.

vocals will be fully processed with eq, compression, dessing, auto-tune, reverb, delay etc. as needed.

Our engineers work across a wide range of DAWs and have a wide selection of plugins and gear to meet the needs of your song.

UAD, SSL, Neve, Waves, Antares, Izotope, Cable Guys and more.

Your first mix will be sent back within 24 hours. We'll keep you updated every step of the way. Revisions will extend time of final product delivery but we will work to get that picture in your head out to the world. We check message frequently so you don't have to worry about the troubles of bad communication. Along with that we offer 1 on 1 zoom sessions with your engineer to sit and talk about your project.

If you're not 100% satisfied, you shall be 100% refunded.
I can't wait to build a relationship with you and make new music!
If you have any questions, feel free to message me:)

Juice Wrld - Rich & Dangerous

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