Professional Mixing + Mastering (included) for $150

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Professional Mixing + Mastering (included) for $150

There are two main services that I provide, mixing and mastering. I specialize in working with bands and singer-songwriters in a variety of different genres within those two broad categories. I do not work with hip-hop, rap, or EDM artists for the simple reason that this is a business of specialization, and those genres are not my area of expertise.

Mastering is an included service with mixing because a) it's a natural part of my workflow and b) I want to provide back to you a finished, polished product that gets you excited about your work. Whether it's a single song, an EP, or a full album my fee is a per song rate.

What you get:
• Drum Re-Sampling. Drums are a critical part of your mix, so I will work with your tracks to take the original sounds and, if need be, either blend them using professional re-sampling software to get the desired sound , or replace them altogether. This is not an indictment of the drummer's playing, simply fitting the sounds to the style of the music.

• Guitar & Bass Re-Amping. Like with drums, we can take raw guitar and bass tracks and tailor them with different amp cabs, effects, etc.

• Mixing. This is where the bulk of the work is and where the magic happens. Using state of the art professional plug-ins, I will employ EQ, Compression, Limiting, Saturation, Automation, Delay, Reverb, etc., to take all the pieces and make them into one cohesive mix.

• Mastering. The main reason I include mastering is because in doing this process, I am able to gain fresh perspective on the full mix and bounce between mix and master to create a complete picture. Once I find that balance, I can polish it up, make it shine, and prepare it for distribution by setting the appropriate levels.

• Revisions and Collaboration. Included is 3 revisions after delivery of the initial mix/master. At no point will you be left out of the loop during this process so that when we get to this point, it should only be very small tweaks that are needed.

There is a lot of ego in this business, and there's a lot of people out there who will say anything to talk you out of your money. I am not that person. I will never claim to be an expert, nor will I ever not give it to you straight. Just like you, I'm passionate about creating music, and I will always treat your music as if it's my own.

Feel free to reach out with any questions you have, I'm happy to try and answer them for you. Thanks for stopping by!

"Postcard" - Krystle Henninger

Mixed and Mastered
  • "Postcard" - Krystle Henninger
  • "The Beer Anthem" (Explicit) - Mick Meredith
  • "Walls" - Ryan Van Slooten

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